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Work's new age the end of full employment and what it means to you
by Huntington, James B.
Royal Flush Press,, [2012]
1 online resource (217 pages) : illustrations.
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Employment in America has become a depressing subject. The recession is officially long over, yet 32 million Americans want to work full-time and are not. Neither political side is getting anywhere with the problem, and Washington has almost stopped discussing it, let alone implementing anything to solve or even improve it. Work's New Age, a 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award winner, is the first full-length book since the recession's end to address this massive national concern. It explains, in terms of numbers, trends, and social patterns that we can all understand, why the connection between workers available and work needed has changed permanently. Using a wide variety of examples and extensions of work of multidisciplinary observers and thinkers, it provides a comprehensive view of America's employment crisis. This incisive, timely book, featured on over 130 American radio stations coast to coast, clearly presents the truth about American employment. Whether you are working, between jobs, or safely retired, it will alert you to changes that will affect you and your loved ones in the years and decades to come.

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