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Macroeconomics demystified
by Swanenberg, August.
McGraw-Hill,, [2005]
1 online resource (xxxi, 327 pages) : illustrations.
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From the Publisher: Become a master of macroeconomics (without formal economics training). Do you really understand how the business cycle, fiscal policy, and other broad-based economic concepts affect your income, investments, and bank account? Macroeconomics Demystified will make sure you do, providing you with a concise yet detailed introduction to the macroeconomic principles and policies that regularly impact your professional life and financial status. This unique, hands-on guide uses clear graphs, succinct explanations, and practical examples-along with chapter-ending quizzes and two 60-question final exams-to help you easily grasp this vital and fascinating topic. From fundamental concepts like supply and demand to ways in which government fiscal policy can help or hurt the stock market, it provides a crystal-clear picture of classic macroeconomic concepts and principles and their often unseen influence on everyday life. Simple enough for a beginner, yet detailed enough for a college student, Macroeconomics Demystified is your clearest and most direct route to understanding macroeconomics. Here's everything you need to understand: Basics-the circular flow model, aggregate supply and aggregate demand, money and the federal reserve system, the money market, global economics; Goals-requirements to achieve economic growth, full employment GDP, tools for maintaining price stability; models-the classical model, the Keynesian model, and the monetarist model; policy-uses of fiscal policy to achieve macroeconomic goals, rules required for effective monetary policy.

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